Do you know someone having a new baby in 2014? Are you scrambling for the perfect baby name? I wouldn't recommend naming your child North if your name last name is West, so lets discuss trendy names for 2014.

Reviving family names, literary characters and world leaders will be popular in the new year. Here are examples of what to expect.

-Spice Girl Names- Sage, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Rosemary and Juniper.

-Reviving Family Names- Gracie, Mary, Agnes, Lucy, Autumn.

-Virtue Names- Justice, Loyal, True

-Vowel Names- Cora, Cyrus, Cordelia

-Dowdy Royal Names- Margaret, Mary, Louis, Helena, George

-Historic Hero Names- Chaplin, Zane, Lincoln and Scarlett

-Pope Francis- The top baby name influencer including variations like Francesco, Frankie and Frank.

Happy baby making and naming!