Teddy McKay

Welcome to Photobomb Monday. Please check out these great local disasters!

The one above is still one of my personal favs. Our pal Michelle just got her first set of headphones. Then Sandra-


Here's our Pal Sarah Long bombing Wildcat Mt-


Teddy McKay


Melisa Meserve from Standish...Good looking pup!!


Melisa Meserve from Standish


Amy Lynn Harrison Barter Hiram ME: Pretty sure this was supposed to be their dog Daisey's moment-


Amy Lynn Harrison Barter Hiram ME


Amanda Valiquet: I think Amanda has it right here - "Random creeper: Amanda and Renee .. Portland"



Tina Westgate: This is supposed to be a pic of my Daughter the awards she receive at her lacrosse banquet... But my son decided to jump in - in Sanford



Jennifer King McBrierty:  Trek Across Maine 2013 - Day 2 Colby College. My best photobomb ever with Kimmy Graham- (we believe tequila was involved at one point)



MEESH Twomey: My sister Ally may kill me for sharing this but my dad epically photo-bombed her in 2009.



Amanda Lynn Barrett: James tried to photo bomb me (Amanda) but the lady in the background was the best! This was fryeburg fair 2013-



Jaymee Bailey Legassey: At my daughters pre school graduation.....



Tammy Yelitz Goodine: Naples - We were in Vegas on Freemont Street - some stranger decided to stand behind me.. didn't notice it until I got home...lmao



Karen Nee-Baker: My sons, Ryan & Brandon @ Yankee Lanes Brunswick photo bombed by Dad!



Meagan Foster: My friend Anna Keeney jumped into this photo without even knowing I was snapping the pic. This led to a full photobomb weekend.



Jennifer Labbe: Catholic church lady photobombs me during Sunday Service. Buahaha:)



Melinda Whittier: Catholic church lady photobombs me during Sunday Service. Buahaha:)w/ Amanda Marston-



Melissa Grover : Cody Meserve and me-Melissa Grover photo bomb Mike Minnehan and Kurt Durgin at a benefit concert!



Chrissy Grankewicz Nadeau: South Portland's Robby & Christine Nadeau ...Imitation of Bull Pen Boston cop behind us!