Pharrell to perform "Happy" tonight in NYC tonight and you can catch it streaming.

Apparently is a crime to be happy in Iran.

A video of young men and women dancing to Pharrell Williams’ megahit,  “Happy,” on Tehran rooftops went viral in Iran. The moves and clothing were modest. The women wore wigs in compliance with religious dress code that requires covered heads.

Here's a pic from the video:

You Tube

They look threatening don't they? Still, the police detained eight participants on obscenity charges. Several were released after denouncing their own actions on state TV. The video  director, known only as Neda, remained in custody.

The young people who appeared in that YouTube clip, were released on bail last week. But the fact that they still  may face legal action — while eight other Iranians recently received prison  sentences of up to 20 years just for using Facebook — argues for a fresh round  of attention on this issue.

Tuesday night provides the perfect opportunity. Pharrell, who has already labeled this turn of events “beyond sad,” will  headline the Apollo Theater that night in a show directed by Spike Lee. Everyone  with the freedom to use a computer can watch a stream of the show, starting at 9  p.m. at


Here's the evil video that started all this-