You will never forget your passwords again if you follow this quick tip!

If your like me and have 100 different passwords for 1000 apps you will forever grateful to my new pal Jeramy.

I somehow broke my IPhone 15 mins before I left for the Kenny Loggins gig up at Rangeley this past Saturday. I was desperate for a cell phone with photos/video. Stopped into the ATT Store in Saco where I bought the original. Jeramy helped me blah, blah blah.

I realized in order to use my new phone and post all the footage, I needed all my passwords. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, E-Mail, ITunes just to name a few. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!

Thanks to Jeramy and the Apple Store at the Maine Mall I got done what I needed to.

So I went back to get my car Bluetooth set up and to thank Jeramy for all his help. As he was sitting in my car I asked him "do you have the same passwords for all your stuff?

He said he uses this system:

One Upper case: F

One lower: a

Five #'s 11111

Then the app: Facebook





GET IT?????

Do you use more than one password? Are you an idiot like me and had them all over the road? Please share your comments here on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages under the hashtag #Teddysanidiot

Go buy a phone from Jeramy at the ATT store on Scamman Street in Saco. Best customer service EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Teddy McKay