Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison took away his young kids' participation trophies because he doesn't want them to be rewarded for nothing.

He posted a photo on Instagram, and ranted, quote, "These trophies will [not] be given back until they EARN a real trophy" and this has sparked a very hot debate about participation awards.

If everyone is a winner does that mean no one is a winner?

So far most of you agree with one another that Harrison should not have taken away the trophies, but the divide comes with whether they should have gotten them in the first place.

One listener brought up a great point. In this country the mentality is that if you aren't #1 then you are nothing. But this is neglecting the fact that sometimes the goal with young kids isn't to drive them to be the best or number one, but to instead teach them team work, camaraderie or other skills.

Another listener felt that you should not be rewarded when nothing was achieved and the point to an award is to acknowledge the best.

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Was James Harrison right to take away his kids participation trophies after they had already received them?

Posted by 94.9 WHOM on Wednesday, August 19, 2015