Parents are starting to turn to ordinary words like 'Awesome' and 'Eliminate' in search of unique baby names.

I mean... I get wanting to be different and all but... Eliminate??  I mean... all that does is make me think of some fad diet or a restroom.

I know naming a baby can be stressful, but I also know that your child has to walk around with that name for the rest of his or her life! Like... the entire life. I'm  not sure about you but if Harsh Brown shows up for a job interview, things could get awkward.

Reading these names I couldn't help but think of the famous "I love Lamp" scene from Anchorman.


If you're looking for inspiration, look no farther than your immediate surroundings friends! It's all the rage. Or, if that's not working, check out this list from Time! 

1.  Alias.

2.  Awesome.

3.  Boss.

4.  Eliminate.

5.  Harsh.

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