Ellie and I had a great time at the insane inflatable 5k, and I was surprised when she decided to run it!


Ellie is an active 9 year old so when she told me she wanted to run the 5k I said “Sure!” without so much as a second thought. I was working at the event and so another co-worker started the race with her but as soon as they left the starting line, the realization hit me...


"Anna!? What are you doing?? You just sent Ellie on a 5k without you!!... that’s a 3 mile run! What are you thinking??” Luckily, I didn’t panic… ok… maybe I panicked a little.


But knowing that there were lots of people along the way helped. Plus I've raised a rather independent, resilient little girl so I was certain she would be fine. But I can’t emphasize enough the relief I felt seeing her round the corner.



Of course she managed to make a new friend; Molly who was also 9 and her Mother Jenn were from New Hampshire and came up to run the race together. I am so grateful to Jenn and Molly for keeping Ellie company on the run, and am super proud of Ellie for completing the race!


Ellie’s take on the Insane Inflatables? “It was a lot more running then I thought it would be, but It was fun… and I got a medal!”


And there you  have it ;-)