What?? Even the game is conspiring to make me a cat person...

Ellie's implemented a family game night, and I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty fun. 

This week was the very first Game Night of what I am sure will be many, and since my roommate is also super into board games, she had quite a selection to choose from.

We settled on playing "LIFE" which is a super fun game. However, when she brought the box over we quickly learned this was no ordinary LIFE... this was the original 1980's version of the game... and it was wayyyy better than the one I grew up with.

I mean, I will say I did miss getting to pick out what KIND of house I would have and the choices for careers were pretty outdated as were the salary's, but it was quite a bit easier to tick through the game. And I have to give credit to my roomie Meredythe who was the banker. Having her doing all the math and basically running the game made things a lot easier.

At the end of the original game there's a space you have to stop on called the "Day of Reckoning" where you can spin for ALL THE MONEY and win the whole game, or continue with the money you earned and see how you fare against the other players.

Poor Ellie opted to spin for all the money and sadly, she did not land on the right number so she lost everything and had to sit while we finished the game. She was a great sport about it though and i'm definitely looking forward to the next game.