Last night's breaking news on the passing of Robin Williams really thru me for a loop. It kinda hit me the way the news broke about Michael Jackson, but just not as severe.Here was someone who made me (and the rest of the world) laugh and also feel his pain through some of the characters he played in certain dramatic roles. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Dead Poets Society". The movie landed in theatres in 1989. I did not get the chance to see it during its theatrical run but was turned on to it the following year when my high school English teacher Miss Panciera showed the movie over a period of a few different classes. I just loved Williams' character John Keating and how he inspired his students to simply go for it! His famous line in the movie is "Carpe diem! Seize The Day...boys! Make your lives extraordinary"! Robin surely did for himself....even though his demons got the best of him in the end. Below is the original trailer for the movie. Williams was nominated for an Oscar for his role. He really should have won it. RIP Oh Captain My Captain!