This past Sunday I went apple picking with Ellie at a beautiful orchard in Turner, Maine but it was more than just apples.

We arrived to find a corn maze, bouncy houses and homemade donuts. There was even a bar with hard apple cider you could hang out at after you finished picking apples!

Hanging out with friends and family and enjoying the tradition of picking apples was awesome in and of itself, but then we observed real kindness that just capped off the day in the best way possible.

As we waited in line to weigh our apples so we could pay, we observed a man carrying a very full bushel back to his car. He has just paid, and as he walked the handle on his plastic bag broke and his apples rolled away down the hill toward the parking area.

He stood there in the hot sun sort of defeated, and my heart sank for him as the fruits (literally) of his hard labor rolled away. Then something wonderful happened. People in various states of apple picking all came over and started helping to put all his apples back in the bag.

It warmed my heart to see strangers helping one another. The view and the lovely day reminded me how much I really do love this pretty state I live in... though I wouldn't mind shorter winters ;-)