Human Trafficking is a real problem in Maine. You may not think about it or even know exactly what it is but it's real. Last night I went to an event called "Human Trafficking, Not Here-Not in Maine." A ton of celebrities were on hand and even a moment where not a dry eye could be found. 


Steve Azar is a well known recording artist, hit songwriter and music producer. He has written many songs for events, celebrities and his own albums. This time, he wrote a song he thought would be a "one and done." It turned into a theme song for the stolen souls of those affected by human trafficking. Last night at The Westbrook Performing Arts Center, Motor Booty Affair, North of Nashville, (Maine's funniest mom) Karen Morgan and Steve Azar performed before a full crowd to benefit St. Andre home. St. Andre is the first home dedicated to helping not just shelter these victims but also to rehabilitate and help them transition into a real life. It is set to open soon and is already full.

I must confess, I never understood why police spent so much time on prostitution. If women wanted to do it, isn't that their choice? The reality was much more than I knew. The majority of these people don't want to do this. They have been forced into it. Some, just children as young as eleven.

There was not a dry eye in the audience when host Jackie Ward (WCSH-6) asked for survivors to come up, if they felt they wanted to. The audience was hushed, heads looking left to right. All of a sudden five well dressed ladies and one man emerged from the crowd, heads held high. They stood on that stage under the hot, bright lights standing proud, hands locked as survivors. It took such strength to show their scars to a crowd of strangers. Sniffles and full blown cries came from all of us as we clapped and stood for several minutes. Amazingly, these courageous people looked just like you and me. It was a great night of awareness and love.