According to WMUR a NH postal worker by the name of Richard Ringer has been arrested for criminal trespassing after breaking into the home of someone on his route, and wearing her high heeled boots. 

Apparently the home owner has a video surveillance system that snapped pictures of the intruder and then emailed them to her cell phone. As soon as she got the pictures she contacted police who identified the intruder and arrested him.

Nothing was stolen from the home, and while it's totally creepy, I honestly can't help but laugh at this story. I'm not sure what prompted his desire to break in just to try on her boots... I mean... I would maybe have suggested he visit a shoe store?

At least no one was hurt, nothing was stolen, and this woman probably could get an endorsement deal from her home security provider. In fact, I might just have to look into that myself. You can never be too cautious. Especially if you have a nice shoe collection.