If you are a woman with a menstrual cycle then chances are good that you have been exposed to a cancer causing agent. 

The chemical Glyphosate (the same chemical found in Monsanto's Round Up) was discovered in 85% of the tampons sampled in a recent study by the University of La Plata. And that is terrifying.

Most of the tampons sold in the US are made from genetically engineered cotton... which, I actually didn't know. And this popular herbicide, (that many have opted to avoid in their food sources due to it's carcinogenic nature), is found in almost all of them.

According to a recent study out of the University of La Plata , 85 percent of all samples of tampons tested positive for glyphosate, and 62 percent also tested positive for AMPA, the environmental metabolite. The news comes according to Dr. Damian Marino, who shared his findings with the Telam agency.


In the case of cotton and gauze, that figure rose to one hundred percent according to Dr. Marino, who is one of the members of the Socio-Environmental Interaction Multidisciplinary Space (EMISA) UNLP who conducted the research, the article said."


As a woman and the Mother of a little girl, I find this to be as disturbing as it is infuriating. With breast cancer being the #1 killer of women in this country, how could a company knowingly use a carcinogen in products specifically marketed and manufactured for women? This seem beyond unethical to me... this feels criminal.

Luckily we have options!  The Diva Cup is a super popular alternative to pads and tampons. Also the new THINX underwear is an option, and Organyc has a line of organic pads and tampons made from 100% organic cotton.


While we shouldn't have to struggle this hard to keep harmful chemicals out of our bodies, it's good to know that these things are being scrutinized more heavily.  It's my hope that if we raise our voices together we can put a stop to these kinds of products in the future!