Have you been Bean BOOZLED yet?? Apparently this new game is sweeping the nation and inspiring videos like the one from this Maine group!


Ty Gowen of Ty Tuesdays is a Maine native who makes fun videos for YouTube. I stumbled upon this little gem and was simultaneously disgusted and amused. And then, I was relieved that none of my friend have discovered this yet!


How it Works:

You Spin the arrow and land on a color which is one of two possible flavors. One flavor is pleasant, the other... disgusting.


A few flavors you could get stuck with are:


Lime or Lawn Clippings

Chocolate Pudding or Dog Food

Licorice or Skunk Spray

And my personal favorite: 


Peach or Barf


I personally have no desire to play this game, but I will admit I laughed out loud watching these guys torture themselves haha. If you're into this kind of challenge you should totally check out the game. And if you do play? PLEASE post your own video so we can all watch you get Bean BOOZLED!