Men have no feelings, right? WRONG! Read on...

We've all been there, ladies. Meeting the girls out for a cocktail to complain about how different men and woman are and just how much he doesn't understand you. It seems like no matter how many conversations you have with him, he just doesn't seem to get it.

Maybe it isn't that men are so different from us after all. According to new research they may be more like us than we thought!

Here are some debunked myths about men...

-Men Aren't Talkative: Reasearch says men are actually just as much talkative as us, if not more!

-Men Won't Commit: Research shows men commit the same as women. A small percentage habitually enter and leave relationships which give men a bad name in that department.

-Men Don't Gossip: False! Numerous studies show that men do gossip and in that recent study it showed they gossip even more than women.

-Men Think About Sex All Day: We've all heard it happens every seven seconds but according to recent studies 54% of men think about it everyday while 43% only consider it a few times a month and 4% don't think about it at all.

Okay, this is fantastic tell us where to find these guys please!