Mysterious 3 or possible 4 hole golf course spotted in the town of Sebago just off Sebago Lake. This ain't no dog track-

Honey and I were casually driving up to Sebago Lake like we frequently do on weekend mornings. We were going north on RT 114 after Long Lake Camping Ground and just before Sebago Lake Marina. Being a former Professional Golfer and spending a lot of years in the business I'm pretty good at catching a course out of the corner of my eye. There was a minor clearing to the right and I thought I saw a green. So I turned the car around, went back, and pulled the car over in the clearing.

This is what I saw:

Teddy McKay

I thought it was a mirage. This isn't just some grass in a field or the Muni down the street. This is a 3 hole Augusta National on Sebago Lake. Before I started taking photos I looked around for a clubhouse or a pro shop. Nothing. I then couldn't help myself and had to share.


Teddy McKay

I'm guessing here but I'm thinking this is #3 about 160-175 Yard Par 3. I've been lucky enough to have played all over the world and this is as good of Par 3 you'll find anywhere. It may not be as dramatic as the 16th at Cypress Pt or the 7th at Pebble but it definitely has the charm of let's say the 4th at Farm Neck on Martha's Vineyard or maybe even the 15th at Eastward Ho! on Cape Cod.


Teddy McKay

This is just brilliant. I can't even begin to say how much effort it takes to build and keep up something as beautiful as this.

I gotta know more about this slice of Heaven. I just want to compliment the creator...and help find/build the other 15 holes....oh, and maybe play 9-

For now it's a mystery~


Do you have any idea what this is?

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Teddy McKay

Oh ya, this....saw it as I was leaving.

I worked at The Country Club in Brookline MA for 6 years before my radio career. I had to ask countless people to refrain from taking photos. For the record I did look for a pro shop on a clubhouse before I started taking photos. I'm fully prepared to take the trespassing rap. It was totally worth seeing this beautiful piece of property-