When In Maine, Do As The Mainers Do...

I knew that I needed a new winter jacket. And now that I'm in Maine, it was pretty obvious where I needed to go.

It seems like all everyone around here talks about (especially Anna) is how great L.L. Bean is. It's a Maine institution! You have to admire the story of the family business, it's heritage, and the wonderful things that the company has done for the state.

So, I headed to Freeport recently in search for some protection for the cold months ahead. I was honestly skeptical about my chances of finding something that I liked that was affordable.

I went to the outlet store and started looking. It didn't take me long to find a jacket that I LOVED, and it was marked at $60...not too shabby! I brought it to the register, and they slashed the price even more - down to $45! I'd say I got a great deal. It's very warm, and I kind of look like a Mainer now...hahaha!