March lulled me into a false sense of security regarding weather. Record highs sent me into premature spring. Now I know how our flora and fauna feel! I began spring cleaning when I should have been tubing! I connected the garden hose to spray off our Farmer's porch when I should have been bringing ice skates in for sharpening! My internal clock is a wreck. Yesterday I snapped, nothing was going to come between me and a new grill for the deck. My family is just as nuts as I am, so after carbing up at IHOP, we leaned into the icy winds and made our way into Home Depot in search of a new grill- because it is Spring and we MUST grill! The two burner grill seemed woefully inadequate for my imagined needs, so we got the big one. We disassembled the beast and stuffed it into our SUV. Last night I grilled for the first time this season. It was insanely smokey, I was freezing my tush off and everything was blowing away. I would put a frowny emoji here if I could. It is spitting snow as I write this, and that just makes me mad! I know that grilling is a 4 season deal here in Maine, but I have to admit that to me, spring grilling is the best. I wanted to put flower boxes up and prepare them for the flowers that I was hoping I could shop for soon, but it was too bitterly cold and windy to be on the porch. I went inside and did dishes instead. Another frowny face because I hate doing dishes.

Are you with me here? Am I the only one who got tricked into premature spring fever?! I even bought a new bathing suit! Have you had your happy spring fever buzz crushed?! What are you looking forward to when things warm up a bit? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #springfevercrushed

My sweaters are already in a labeled bin in the basement.