This had to be the most uncomfortable moment of my life... Movie night with my parents happens every Friday night. This past Friday was my turn. I would call myself a pretty avid movie goer. Most movies i've seen in the theater ahead of time but sometimes lack of time and finances allows a few to slip through. That was the case with Oscar winning "Dallas Buyer's Club."

We all congregated in the living room, my father in his big comfy rocker, my mom in her cushy chair and me on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket. Only the sound of crunching popcorn and the flash of lights from the screen filled the room. "This movie won an Oscar, didn't it?" asked my dad, still munching. "It sure did, a couple of them." I replied.

It was then that the sound of munching turned to the obvious sounds of sex. Not just plain old "Days Of Our Lives" sex but straight out raunchy threesome sex. This created one of the most uncomfortable moments of my entire life. I wanted to pull my fuzzy blanket over my head and disappear. I tried to start a conversation about the weather to soften the discomfort to no avail. It was that very moment that sparked my blog. What movies should you NEVER watch with your parents? Here's my short list, please feel free to add to it in the comment section below...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Black Swan

Brokeback Mountain

Wolf Of Wall Street

Anything else you can think of?