This was not easy but here's my review of the last year's best movie I saw this year-

I heard it was good but then again that's what I heard about American Hustle, Captain Phillips, The Butler etc. This was different. This is Scorsese at his Scorsesest! If you don't like graphic drug use and sex scenes this is def not for you. Wolf also has it's share of violence but it was the acting that stands out. Put it this way, Rob Reiner is in it!  If there was an Academy Award for one scene McConaughey wins. Jonah Hill should get an Oscar nod just for doing his best Bill Parcells impression alone and semi newcomer Margot Robbie is absolutely smokin!

I can't remember the last time I saw a 3 hr flick and didn't want it to end.

Martin Scorsese will get a best pic nomination and hopefully will win but this one's all about Leo!

Leo DiCaprio plays the Wolf. It's time he wins best actor. Chiwetel Ejioforwill be hard to beat for his role in 12 Years a Slave but it's his time. He's intense, inspiring and pathetic all at once. Leo was Jordan Belfort and for more than 3 hrs I'm sure. Brilliant. The movie gets 9 outta 10 Teddy Bears but Leo gets a perfect 10- You gotta see this movie!

Here's the trailer: