"Beneath the Harvest Sky" opened in Portland over the weekend. It's a story based in Van Buren, Maine during harvest break in Aroostook County. It's about two teenage kids, heading in totally different directions. Please watch the trailer and see my review.

I saw BTHS over the weekend with my fiance, Honey, who is from "The County" (Easton) and a former harvest worker. We loved it. Honey said it was dead on spot to what she remembers about harvest break. The acting was brilliant. I recognized Pam's (from 'The Office') early boyfriend Roy (David Denman) who plays George, the harvest dude, and Aidan Gillen, who is Petyr Baelish "Littlefinger" on 'Game Of Thrones.'

But it was this kid I've never heard of, Emory Cohen -- who stars as Casper -- who blew us away. It's kinda funny -- Honey and I were talking on the way to the movie about how actors sometimes butcher the Boston accent (see Martin Sheen in 'The Departed'). She was concerned if they could pull off the French influence in the Maine accent. Perfectly. County-approved! Plus there's a lot more than potato picking in this gem. Lots of stuff that most small towns in America are dealing with right now. Especially here in Maine. A must-see for all New Englanders.

8 Outta 10 Teddy Bears!

Go see Beneath The Harvest Sky:

Playing now at The Nickelodeon Portland Railroad Square Cinema Waterville

Opening May 3 at The Strand Theater Rockland ME

Opening May 8 in Boston (Brookline) Coolidge Corner Theater