My daughter LOVES to attend Get Air here in Maine, but one mom is upset and wants them shut down. 

Sarah Leavitt posted to Facebook pictures of her 3 year old son's broken leg, stating that Get Air "needs to be shut down and find a safer way [of operating]".

Get Air is a popular spot for kids, teens and adults alike who enjoy jumping in a room full of trampolines, but this mom is saying the lack of organization is what makes it unsafe. And just this past Friday CNN even published a story about the Lawsuits igniting over trampoline park safety.

To be clear, everyone who attends the indoor trampoline park is required to sign a waiver. However, according to this mom there are countless injuries that come just from Get Air.

(Asking everyone to please share)So this is what happened to my poor 3 year old baby after 5 minutes of playing at Get...

Posted by Sarah Leavitt on Monday, July 27, 2015


Being the concerned parent that I am I messaged my daughters Dad because I know they frequent the trampoline park.  While he did acknowledge the "place is a madhouse with no organization" he had some strong words to share in support of the place.

He felt it was this parents responsibility to "make a common sense decision" and watch her child and keep him from the areas adults are jumping, and others are also joining the conversation online in support of Get Air

Ultimately it would seem no law is broken. The Mother signed a waiver and made the choice to let her child jump near adults. But as always, I'd love to know what you think! And just in case you've never heard of Get Air, here's a quick video from their website!