My daughter Ellie has been doing an impression of a YouTuber called Miranda Sings, and I have to admit. She's got a pretty funny shtick.


I can't help but feel like I missed the boat on this phenomena. I mean... creating a hilarious character that is intentionally terrible at singing while telling everyone that she's an amazing singer isn't that much of a stretch for the ol' acting chops. And to be sure, the 4 million subscribers probably bring in plenty of revenue to support whatever she actually wants to do.


The character Miranda was created by Colleen and here you can see her answering tweets with her alter ego at her side. Pretty fun if you ask me.




At the very least, now i'll know what Ellie is talking about when she needs help with her Halloween Costume. My only hope is Ellie doesn't actually put too much stock in Miranda's "Singing Lessons" because make no mistake... she's terrible. haha.