Michael Franti is known for being extremely down to earth and kind to his fans. According to Maine Today, Franti and his band attended the vigil at Portland City Hall on Monday night in honor of the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando.

Franti and his wife started a wish granting orginization called Do It For The Love Foundation where they bring children with life threatening illnesses and wounded veterans to live concerts. Before his show at Thompson's Point on Wednesday night he granted three wishes for Maine people who wanted to come to his show. Franti brought them backstage and talked with them to learn about their story. Then he helped find a good place for them to watch the concert.

After the senseless act of violence in Orlando it is so refreshing to see an artist using his platform to bring love and light to those around him.

The purpose is that I believe in people on the planet and I believe that people should have the freedom to be their authentic self without living in fear and that we should be, in this day and age, building bridges not walls… I mean that across ethnic divides, religious divides, gender and sexuality. -Michael Franti