Pretend it's the Super Bowl of Meet and Greets. Who would you pick: Rihanna or Avril Lavigne?

A 'lil birdie told me (well, Matt Stopera at Buzzfeed) Avril gets about $400 just to get a pic. No touching please!

Let's do this:

An Avril Meet and Greet:


Now, a Rihanna Meet and Greet:

Via Rihanna's Facebook

An Avril Lavigne Meet and Greet:


Looks like a blowout! Please check out the rest of the battle at Buzzfeed: A Rihanna Meet And Greet Vs. An Avril Lavigne Meet And Greet

Have you ever been to a Meet and Greet? Or meet a celebrity on the street? Post your story below.

Here I am with Jessica Simpson. She was very sweet!