This mom is super ticked off that her song "forgot to use his brain" after he was caught drunk driving, so she's selling his truck. 

The newspaper ad doesn't say whether her son was "caught" by the cops or by her, but I have a feeling the cops would be a welcome option.

I am all for consequences and I believe if you are going to threaten one you should always follow through on that threat. And while I applaud her proactive, no tolerance approach to driving under the influence, I am wondering if selling the truck was the best option?

If he lost his license I suppose selling the truck doesn't really matter. But if he didn't, now she's sentenced herself to driving him places for the foreseeable future. Also, I would assume that if you live in Wyoming not having a vehicle would make it difficult to get a job. So how will her son make money to buy a new truck so that he can be independent and move out someday?

All those thoughts aside, make no mistake I'm in total support of her bad-a$$ mom skills! I think that her "sentence" made it perfectly clear to her son that she will not tolerate that kind of irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

But what do you think? Did she go too far with selling the truck or was this mom spot on?