Nothing like a hot cup of cocoa after sledding with the kids or warming your chilled bones in the ski lodge after a long run. But did you know that the Marshmallows you top it with have healing power?

You top your cocoa with it, you eat it from the bag, you toast them, shoot them from mini cannons,s'mores, Peeps, cereals...The list goes on but who knew marshmallows can cure a sore throat, keep Brown sugar from hardening and they date back to as early as 2000 BC being considered a delicacy deemed worthy only for gods and royalty. During those times, Egyptians made individual marshmallows by hand by extracting sap from a mallow plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. 

The Girl Scouts loved marshmallows so much, they had the first published recipe in their handbook in 1927.

With all the amazing ways to use marshmallow, I still think my favorite way to have it is the famous Fluff N Nutter With a tall glass of milk.