I have watched as many videos as I could find, and read all the articles that talk about 55 year old Gao Bingguo's epic attempt at breaking the world record for being covered in the most amount of bees. However, the ONE thing I can't seem to find information on, is how the heck he got the bees OFF of him!

Bingguo has been a bee keeper for over 30 years, and was assisted by his bee keeper friends. They started by coating his body in honey and placing several queen bee's on his body to attract worker bees. Then his friends began dumping bees onto his body.  Lets just take a moment to really let that sink in... dumping bees!! 

Credit: metro.co.uk


Ultimately Bingguo did break the world record as he covered himself in over 1 million bee's, smoking a cigarette all the while to prevent them from covering his mouth and nose... you know... because breathing is essential when covered in 1 million bees!

The bee keeper ended up being stung over 2,000 times, however he is alive although his escape is still a mystery to me. I think it's safe to say I will not be attempting this anytime soon... I'll just stick to radio.