Went to see the movie Maleficent over the weekend. He's my surprising review.

It was Honeys turn to pick the movie this time and she went with Maleficent. She told me on the way that Sleeping Beauty was her favorite Disney story growing up. I really didn't remember the story all that well. All I knew is Angelina Jolie was in it and she's not my favorite. Elle Fanning was too. She plays the "Little Beastie." Yes, she's Dakota's little sister. Yes, she's just as charming. She was also in "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.

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We didn't see it in IMax, but now I wish we did. It would have been cool to see Maleficent flying through the Moors in 3D. Loved all the little creatures and fantasy landscape. You'll find out why Maleficent carries a staff, the backstory behind the crow and an interesting twist on the kiss.

The makeup and special effects were fantastic. Not for kids under 10 tough. Here's an interesting article about the difference between the movie and the cartoon. The Differences Between 'Maleficent' and 'Sleeping Beauty'

What makes it surprising at least to me is that I liked a Angelia Jolie movie. Though I think Disney had something to do with it. Definitely worth going out to.

I'm going to give this one 6 out of 10 Teddy Bears. I'm sure it would be higher if we we'd seen it in IMax.