You've seen them all over the state. Businesses that get punny by calling themselves Mainely (Insert whatever they sell here). A simple web search reveals over 100 businesses using the name. A new Facebook page thinks they can do better and what's to put a stop to the madness.

The Mainers Against Mainely Facebook page says  in their about section:

Businesses need to stop naming themselves Mainely ________.

We're going to help them come up with new, more creative names and end the Mainely Madness.


It's clearly for fun, but let's face it. Mainely is way overused and there has to be something more creative right? Some of the businesses don't even make sense with the pun. If you were named Mainely Cats you would think you would sell cats right? Nope. No cats here for sale.

Do you think there are too many businesses using Mainely? What crazy names have you seen that use Mainely? Let us know your thoughts and share what you've seen in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.