According to the Bangor Daily News, Jan Frost of Rockport Maine set off to Orlando Tuesday to help as a red cross volunteer assisting in commnity healing efforts after the horrific tragedy that struck over the weekend. Frost is a clinical social worker and a mental health professional who is well versed in working with families dealing with the aftermath of tragedies. She lent her expertise after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and since then has helped communities deal with the trauma of hurricane Sandy, The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

In a time of tragedy, the Red Cross willl help with any immediate needs that the family may have. That can be anything from helping family members deal with memorial or funeral services to helping the injured find programs to help in their recovery.

It is so great to see someone from our community getting out their and lending a hand to those who need it during this difficult time. Frost encourages any mental health counselors and school counselors to volunteer. The Red Cross is such an unbelievable organization that works to prepare communities for any disasters that may happen and respond and recover if they do.

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