The couple who have been accused by many on the internet of chasing a moose on their snowmobiles in Jackman Maine are now being investigated by the Maine Warden Service. 

On April 18th Janis and Bob Powell from New Hampshire spotted a moose on the trail while snowmobiling. They followed the moose until it turned around and stood its ground, charging at them several times before slowly walking away shortly after the couple fired a gun into the air.

The couple claimed on their YouTube channel that they were not chasing the moose. They are now being investigated by the Maine Warden Service for any harassment of wildlife which is a misdemeanor under Maine State Law and carries a fine up to $500.

They claim they weren't chasing the moose, but the video sure seems to show otherwise. What do you think? Should they be charged? Do you think Maine's law on wildlife harassment is too lenient or should there be stiffer penalties? Let us know in the comments section below.