I still cannot believe what L/A Luxury Limousine did for my friend who is battling cancer again. There are still great people in the world! 

LA Luxury

So this beast pulled into my girl's pj party last week. It was a surprise for the ladies. We are all high school friends and decided to get together for the holidays to reminisce and to also support a friend battling cancer for a second time.

I called LA Luxury Limo because I was pricing out a limo to get so we could all go look at the Christmas lights.  I spoke with Josh and when I told him what my plan was and how we want to take my friend's mind off the treatments he proceeded to tell me that the cost was FREE! When I picked myself up off the floor, he told me how closely they work with The Dempsey Center. I had no idea they did this kind of thing for people with Cancer and I find it amazing.

For Inquiries...
Phone: 207-370-6722
Email- laluxurylimousine@gmail.com


THANK YOU LA LUXURY LIMOUSINE! The look on my friend's face was priceless. You took her mind off Cancer for a night, a beautiful gift we will all never forget.