Maine company Lobster Tough LLC has developed a children's bandage coated in a substance found from lobster shells. 


According to the Associated Press, Lobster LLC, a Maine company based out of Portland, is set to begin production of a line of children's bandages coated with a substance made from crushed lobster shells. That substance, called chitosan, is known to be resistant to bacterial infection as well as a promoter of blood clotting.

The company will work closely with another company based in Iceland. The Maine lobster shells will be shipped to Iceland for dehydration, the shells can then be crushed and processed in chitosan for the bandages. Typically, lobster shells would just be taking up room in landfills.

The process of using seafood shells to produce coated bandages isn't new. For several years, the United States Army has been using bandages coated in chitosan from shrimp shells. However, Lobster Tough LLC looks to become the first company of this kind to set up shop in Maine. You can read additional details here courtesy of the Boston Globe.

Lobster Tough LLC outlined their plan to eventually build a multi-million dollar dehydration plan somewhere along the Maine cost to help negate shipping costs and increase productivity.

Do "lobster coated" bandages sound like something you'd be interested in?