I am so dependant on my phone, and there's nothing worse than being on the road and realizing that my battery is low when I need it for phone calls and directions.

My phone is set to go into low-power mode when it needs to, but there's more that we can do to get the most of our remaining battery:

  • First of all, lower the brightness on your phone.
  • Find out which apps are sucking the most life out of your battery and shut them down.
  • Turn on Low Power Mode if your phone supports it.
  • Those unnecessary user interface features have got to go! you will live without your animated wallpaper!
  • Sometimes software updates make your phone more efficient, along with providing security updates and important bug fixes. Always install your necessary software updates!
  • Choose the 30 second or 1 minute screen timeout option to save more battery.
  • If you aren't using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turn them off.
  • Consider a battery case if you need to drastically extend your battery life, they come with built-in batteries that charge your phone.

I hope these tips help if ever you need them. I'm going to clear out my open apps right now!