It's The Ground Round! And it's here in Maine. 

So I was meeting a girlfriend for lunch when she suggested we go to The Ground Round. I thought, what? That place that used to be in what is now the IHOP in South Portland. I laughed and told her how silly she was. Then she said it's at Saco Cinemagic and they just opened. Sure enough, there it was, "The Ground Round" in bold letters. No scale to pay what you weigh, no flattened french fries or steaks for $3.99, but that name alone intrigued me to agree.

The decor is very different than the 1980s restaurant I remember and there was no theater place for the kids or bottomless popcorn. I have to say, the service was fast, the salads were fresh and reasonably priced and the bar was well stocked as well. So if you have kids going to the movies, stop in and try it while they are inside. Or just stop in and try it for dinner. I really enjoyed it! Here's an old Ground Round Commercial for your viewing pleasure, circa 1981. It made me laugh, until the end when they creepy clown smiles.