Haunt ME is a Maine based group of friends, who also happen to be "ghost hunters".

Their locally produced web series takes on some of the scariest locations in and around Maine that claim to be haunted. Ty Gowen and Carol Cleveland from Haunt ME shared that each location starts out with a rating based on the history and claims made by those who either live or work in the space they are investigating. After they visit the place, they give their own rating and average the two.

The pair shared some of the scariest places they've been as well as some super details about the finale coming out in just a couple weeks. They also brought in some fun tools that help them when they are on a hunt and it was neat to hear about the different experiences they've had.

I for one am incredibly impressed by both the production value of the show and the content, and if you'd like to see what their show is all about you can check out their latest episode here!