Matthew Delamater is a well known actor in the local theater and film community, whose performances have been celebrated among audiences and peers alike.

Not only is he incredibly talented but he is also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Last Sunday, those same peers joined thousands more as they tuned in to watch the Local Maine actor’s debut on national television in the new NBC drama, American Odyssey.

Delamater landed a role in the pilot after answering a casting call for men with beards and long hair. Then when the show was picked up, producers brought him back as Russell, an activist and protester in the Military Conspiracy Drama. When asked about his take away from his experience on a professional television set he said,  "when you're in that situation, listen breath and don't drop the ball when they give it to you... remember that there's luck involved... I try to keep my attitude right and hope they like me.” While it should be noted that there would be more opportunities for the Maine native in bigger markets like Los Angeles or New York, Delamater humbly maintains that Maine is his home and is where he intends to stay.

In addition to his role on the NBC Drama, Delamater will also appear in the upcoming movie “Tumbledown”; a film set in Maine, written by Portland resident Desiree Van Til and directed by her husband Sean Mewshaw. Delamater also hosts the web series “Local Brew”, and you can catch him this summer in the Phoenix theatre's production of Hamlet.

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