I remember being a little girl and attending ballet and tap classes. I LOVED dancing and I was so disappointed when we moved and I was no longer able to attend.

While I'm not sure how good I actually was at dancing (if you know me you'll realize quickly that I'm only graceful when I have 50 feet of stage around me) I loved it and imagined that I was as good as those NYC ballerina's I would see dancing on TV in the Nutcracker.

So when I came across this little video in my news feed I just couldn't resist posting it. This little girl has rhythm AND soul and no doubt, looks better dancing on stage then I ever could. In celebration of all the little girls inside us all who loved to dance like no one is watching, I give you the best recital video I've seen yet!


Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin!

Posted by Elissa M. Colón on Sunday, June 7, 2015