The animal rights organization PETA has brought forth accusations of cruel treatment of crab and lobster by the long-time, well known Maine restaurant Linda Beans. According to a press release from PETA, their eyewitness investigation showed lobsters and crabs being terribly mistreated, even though according to PETA more modern and less painful systems are available. We asked the HOM Morning audience for an opinion about the story.

After learning that PETA accused Linda Beans of using cruel methods for killing lobsters and crabs, The Portland Sea Dogs have decided to drop them from the menu. The TD Garden and the Minnesota Twins have also dropped Linda Bean products from their menus.

Here are a few calls from our listeners this morning on HOM.

How do you do you feel about this story? The fishing industry is one of the lifelines of the Maine economy. Do you feel it hurts the economy and the fishing industry? Answer in the comments below or on Facebook.