Print these suckers off, life hacks you cannot live without! 

1. If kids are falling out of bed, use a pool noodle under a fitted bed sheet.

2. Do something unusual when locking the door for a long trip  or unplugging the curling iron. like tapping it on the counter three times or jumping up and down after locking the door and you'll never forget if you did it.

3. You don’t have to drop a zillion dollars on age defying face cream — just get a drugstore brand with Retinol. Cosmo beauty editor Carly Cardellino says that you do not need the expensive stuff, $300 serum made of crushed-up diamonds is a waste of money. Just go to CVS. It's all the same!

4. Use adhesive velcro to stick phone and laptop chargers underneath your desk.

5. Did you accidentally send a text to the wrong person? Put your phone on airplane mode and it will fail to deliver. This could save you a ton of embarrassment!

6. Order your drinks at "kids' temperature" at coffee shops.You'll save yourself a burnt tongue. Or freeze leftover coffee in ice cure trays, pop it in home brewed coffee and you'll never water your java down again.

7. Marshmallows soothe sore throats. So you've got an excuse to treat yourself when that annoying mouth-breather at work gives you a cold.

8. If someone is blowing up your phone, send them the following text message. "SERVICE ERROR 305: MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED. FURTHER MESSAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT." Hee

9. When you heat leftovers, space out a circle in the center of them. It'll make them heat more evenly.

10. If you've got a ridiculously expensive candle that's burned too low to light with a regular lighter or match, use a dry spaghetti stick.

11. To avoid a mess, use unscented dental floss to neatly cut cheese or dessert.

12. Plump up a flattened pillow again by putting it in the sun for 30 minutes. I don't know why this works. It just does.

13. Those plastic hangers you sometimes get when you buy clothes from places like Old Navy have clips that are good for keeping bags of chips fresh.

14. Wrapping a wet paper towel around your warm beer and putting it in the freezer will make it frosty in 15 minutes.

15. Freeze grapes to pop in wine for a nice chill.