It all started on St. Patrick's Day on the deck at Brian Boru. After his sighting of this incredible woman, the guy turned to Craigslist to find the woman who made him feel something he hasn't felt in eons.

"You took my break away," he said. Judging by his decent grammar and appropriate punctuation, he's an intelligent guy. He describes himself as average build, 5-foot 8-inches tall, and 40 years old. He has short dark hair with dark eyes and was wearing a dark leather jacket. Based on his self-description, I assume this is what he looks like: 


The lady who caught his eye was the social butterfly of the bar, chatting up a guy with a ring even though she wasn't wearing a ring of her own. Even though he didn't get a second of her time to chat, he did lock eyes with her once.

It felt like not only a bolt of lightning passed through me, but as if something had awakened that I had forgotten.

By his own description, she had wavy dark brown hair and "gorgeous dark brown eyes". That's all we know about this dream girl, so she probably looks something like this:


I'm actually kind of rooting for this guy. He seems half-way pulled together, she seems easy going and social, and maybe Craigslist can actually play a positive role in the futures of these two individuals. 

Do you know these people? Let's get them together!