(Credit: WGME)

Larry the lobster was 15 pounds and thought to be 110 years old. A restaurant in Florida wanted to put Larry on the menu until a group of animal activists got wind of this. They decided Larry deserved a better fate then ending up on someones dinner plate. They raised funds for Larry to be flown home to retire in his home state of Maine.

Sadly Larry didn't make it home. According to ABC News, Larry was found dead on Wednesday morning when he arrived at the Maine state aquarium, almost a week later than he was supposed to get there.

The box Larry was shipped in appeared to be extensively handled and officials believe that is what contributed to his death. The whole thing is such a shame because Larry so narrowly escaped death in Florida. The Maine Department of Marine Resources had all the best intentions of returning Larry to his homeland. R.I.P Larry. Your legacy lives on in our state of Maine and beyond!