Kraft has announced that their famous Macaroni and Cheese will no longer be that glorious shade of orange that can only be achieved with the chemical dyes Yellow 5 and 6.

While the mom in me says "hallelujah!" the child in me laments the change because no matter what I feel about processed foods, there's just something comforting about a big steaming bowl of crayon orange macaroni and cheese.

"We know parents want to feel good about the foods they eat and serve their families," said Kraft spokeswoman Lynne Galia, who added that the company has been working on the change for three years. "Our loyal fans told us they don't want their Kraft Mac & Cheese to look or taste different. We've worked hard so the new recipe will have the same look and taste that people know and love from the iconic blue box."

Kraft says this will be the last year they will sell the original recipe of this childhood favorite. Starting in January, Kraft will use paprika, annatto and turmeric to color its products instead of the dyes. So, if you're like me and you're uncertain about this change stock up while you still have the chance.