In a new list from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are tops dogs in cat love.

The listing was based on percentage of cat lovers, no-kill animal shelters, percentage of cat lovers over dog lovers, Facebook “likes” and animal protection law strength. Maine comes in at #1 with 46.4% of us owning a cat.  We're even credited with having an official state cat...the Maine coon cat.  Vermont comes in second place.  "Vermont is home to cat-themed a cappella groups like Cat’s MeowTop Cats, and The Hit Paws. Even the mascot of the local University of Vermont is a feline, the mighty Catamount (mountain lion)". Taking the #3 slot is New Hampshire. Quoting Estately, "At some point in the future Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire may just secede and become their own united cat-friendly country with Manchester as its capital. They could call it Catopia, Catland, or New Vermaine. Barring that, New Hampshire will still hold the title of third most cat-friendly state in America because it still ranks in the top ten in nearly all our categories."