My Labor Day Weekend was certainly eventful. You might have heard that the festivities kicked off when I was proposed to on live radio by my long time boyfriend, Steven.

We then hopped on the Cat Ferry and it was off to Nova Scotia to celebrate. This boat is really something let me tell you. It has two lounges that serve food and drinks, a gift shop and I even got a bridge tour and got to hang with the captain of The Cat. The whole experience felt very VIP.

Gift Shop merchandise.
Our friendly gift shop attendants!
Hanging on the back of the boat. This is before I got seasick, hence my happiness.

Once we got off the boat there was a precious town to explore. We hit up the welcome center, saw the Cape Forchu Lighthouse and had lunch at Rudders which is an awesome seafood restaurant right on the marina.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Yarmouth Welcome Center
My fiance posing like a mer-man as we explored the trails around Cape Forchu.

We then met some pals out at a local watering hole called Dooleys. I became less diligent with my camera and a little more focused on my drinking. All you need to know is this is how my night ended - with a Donaire Panzerotti. Oh you don't know what either of those words mean? Well  neither did I! And now they mean one thing to me - deliciousness.

Donaire is apparently a shaved spicy beef and a panzerotti is like a calzone except it is deep fried. NOM NOM NOM.

It was a great time exploring unfamiliar territory and I can't rave enough about the Cat Ferry. All of the attendants on board make you feel so special and taken care of. Not to mention I had one of the best Nova Scotia Sandwiches of my life from Cafe Forchu on The Cat. We'd love to go back and spend a little more time there, maybe get to Halifax and do some sightseeing there. I highly recommend a trip on the Cat Ferry with family or friends for your next getaway!