July 1st marks AJ's one year on the HOM airwaves. We are so lucky to have him! I decided to write him a poem to wish him a happy HOM-iversary with many many returns.

A year ago you got a call

The Captain’s name appeared on your cell phone

He was calling to bear the best news of all

that HOM was your new home


And just like that you packed up your life

no longer a New Hampshirite

And your girls came along for the ride

without putting up a fight


In Portland you started your new life

it felt so right it couldn’t be wrong

Even though it was kind of an adjustment

waking up at the crack of dawn


You are so good at being a morning show host

making it look as easy as a beach day

And your playlists really can’t be beat,

The best variety of the 80’s 90’s and Today


Thank you for teaching me all I know

About talking into a microphone

You and I make quite the team

I am the ice cream and you are the cone


I guess that got a little weird

But what I meant is I appreciate your support

Thank you for never shutting down my ideas

And always being there with a witty retort.


The moral of this poem is

Happy HOM-iversary to you

Sincerely your co host and friend

The one they call Kira Lew