I am so excited for my vacation to Bar Harbor next week! As a first timer I'm sure there are tons of must visit beaches, bars and restaurants that I must add to my itinerary. I turned to my trusty friend the interweb for assistance. Here is what a day in Bar Harbor will look like for me:

First I will have a delicious brunch at 2 Cats. LOBSTER EGGS BENEDICT. Need I say more?

Then I will catch a few rays at Sand Beach. Sighhhh....looks like paradise.

I will then eat good in the neighborhood at Side Street Cafe. GET IN MY BELLY!

Followed by some shopping on Main St.

I will watch the sunset from the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

I will indulge in some food and adult beverages at Finback Alehouse

FINALLY I will finish off the day with some Udder Heaven Ice Cream. NOM NOM NOM.

So it's clear my activities are based around what I will be shoving into my pie hole and where. Am I missing any key spots that I must visit during my time in BAH HABAHH?