Today marks my first full week in the city of Portland! I started thinking about what I have done and what I’d like to in the weeks to come. And then I thought, why not express this in acrostic poem form? Those were always so much fun to do in the third grade! Here we go:

P is for PEAKS island that is on my bucket list of places to visit this summer
O is for all the seafood I have and will OVER EAT during my time here
R is for how RANDOM it is that I am writing an acrostic poem about Portland
T is for THOMPSON'S POINT where we had our Streets Eats and Beats festival
L is for LIGHTHOUSES, a scenic staple when Maine comes to mind
A is for ANNA Kendrick because she was born in Portland and she’s fantastic!
N is for the NIPPY winters I am sure to endure here
D is for the DELICIOUS lobster roll I got at Boones Fish House. (It was what dreams are made of.)

M is for the MOUNT Desert Ice cream where I had ice cream that tasted like Cap'n Crunch!
A is for the good old ATLANTIC ocean because it’s right here in all of its majesty
I is for the INTERESTING characters you may encounter on your walk home from work.
N is for all of the NEIGHBORHOODS; such as Bayside, Monjoy Hill and The West End
E is for the EASTERN Promenade where I have heard you can see the most gorgeous sunrise in the city.

And there you have it! A good old fashioned acrostic poem all about Portland Maine. Stay tuned for my limerick (which is apparently another town in Maine), haiku and ballad coming soon.

A poet and she knows it,

<3 Kira Lew