Kalie Shorr is more than just a pretty face. This vibrant, fun singer songwriter is a Portland native, who packed up her car and took off to Nashville in search of a singing career.

Two years later, Kalie is back in Portland to play a show at One Longfellow Square Sunday night, and she is definitely on her way up.



Kalie is also apart of a collective of female solo artists in Nashville called the Song Suffragettes who have started a movement called #LetTheGirlsPlay.

Frustrated at the lack of female artists represented in the country music industry (male artists comprise 92% of the songs played in country music), they started a live show with rotating female performers. 



After listening to Kalie sing live there is no question in my mind that this girl will have an incredible career. If you are in or around Portland this Sunday be sure to catch her show, while you can still afford tickets!


In the meantime, check out her cover of TLC's Waterfalls!